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Maybe its weird to report about an event which happened in 2006, but I have a reason for it. There is a new, similar light show in the city in the last days of 2007. First I think it is worth to get an impression of the 2006 event:


Lightevolution story

When thinking about the course of evolution light profoundly you will find that it has been much longer in time, and it has taken place by far much faster than the course of the appearance of the human being. An evidence of this is a very old story. The story itself is not, of course, complete, because the starting point is forgotten. In fact, this circumstance is not too important from the point of view of the result.


Light is indispensable for life. There is scarcely a living being, which doesn’t meet light in its life, we know only about some minor animalcules swimming in brooks of dark caves, midgets living deep under the surface of the earth or about deep-sea fish. It also goes without saying that human cultures have several symbols referring to the pair of contrasts of the light and the shadow (darkness), where darkness generally has negative and light has positive meanings. A high amount of energy is spent on illuminating the spots of the everyday life adequately.


The technique today ensures that the projection of pictures is not only a movie entertainment, but it is also a tool of space transformation. Nowadays there are available projectors capable of projecting on surfaces not only of some square meters but on much larger surfaces as well.


This technique is used also by Dorka Berkes, who goes beyond creating a shocking visual experience based merely on the size of the projections. The message (both ethical and artistic) of such events is also important for her. Among others, she intends to bring the arts closer to the public. Compared to the classical institutions of arts (e.g. galleries, picture galleries, etc.) she chooses spots, where anybody may face arts even “by chance”, and which are capable of transmitting an important sense. Moreover, she intends to find the place of this particular artistic form - which has the closest relationship with public art and street art – on the stage of date of contemporary fine arts. She analyses, among others, the works and artistic questions of the artists of avant-garde and kinetism through this artistic form.


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