Platán restaurant

Platán restaurant

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Platán Restaurant:
H-1068 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 46.
Phone: +36 1 322 6615
Fax: +36 1 413 1950
Mobile: +36 20 467 2986
Skype: platan



The Platán Restaurant was recently opened on the corner of Dózsa György út and Városligeti fasor, at the base of a Sycamore tree in a homey and warm ambiance. The restaurant is divided into two parts, hence two big areas of catering are covered: a la carte dining and fast-food. With the help of the practical mobile divider we can easily change the arrangement of the interior. Those who eat casually, taking their time, talking, having a beer after dinner or those who wish to read the paper after a light lunch are all welcome. The 80-people-capacity Platán Restaurant is open around the clock, by this adjusting itself to the needs of the 21st century. As such, those who work late and those who party until early can all expect being served here.

Platán Restaurant is also a family business. Gastronomy is continued by the Nott family, since my grandmother was the kitchen manager of the aluminium factory in Ajka. I want to emphasize, that I'm proud of the fact that I'm able to prepare exquisite dishes to hundreds of people, daily. My father also worked in the business; he managed several restaurants and different locations throughout his career. My aunt also worked in the catering industry throughout her entire life. My little brother is a chef, and my father's wife coordinates everything. My little sister helps out with her English knowledge. Together with my husband, who is also my business partner, we have raised three children and a business.

Our menu has naturally several constant items to offer: soups, appetizers, traditional Hungarian dishes, grilled meats, and vegetable stews. We unite the traditional Hungarian tastes with the specialities of different Hungarian regions. We offer vegetarian dished according to modern demand, and we obviously think about our young guests as well. Our cooks use the poplar ingredients of novelty culinary too, such as millet, brown rice and whole wheat flour, preparing different dishes from the latter. We prepare different national dishes to our curious guests as well, offering Chinese, Mexican, Southern Slavic, Greek and Italian dishes on a daily basis. For those who prefer to eat at home, we offer take-away food. In the first few months we realised that our freshly grilled meats are a big success.

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