Tom George Café and Restaurant

Tom George Café and Restaurant

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Tom George is one of the most popular (some says one of the most snobish) Café and Restaurant in the downtown of Budapest. It is obviously trendy and visited by the local foreigner community just like by native Hungarians. Last week when Bill Clinton was in Budapest (you know he is living on speaches lately):)

The kitchen is good, they serve Indian or Japanese food following the trend of small portions (this is one of the restaurants which are very expensive and the portions are very small but look like an artwork).


Its not a quiet romantic place, and not as emtpy as you can see on the photo (which was taken during the day). In the evening you can see most of the time groups of businessmen having a dinner and some fun.

Tom George Café and Restaurant, originally uploaded by Michiel Schutler.


Tom George Café and Restaurant
+36 1 2663525
V. Október 6 utca 8

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