Millenáris Park - Jövő Háza

Millenáris Park - Jövő Háza

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The Millenáris Park is one of the newest cultural center of Budapest. In their mission statement they emphasize the modern methods and the interactivity.

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I really find it modern when it comes to the design of the place. Actually its a park having several buildings around where you can see different exhibitions, concerts, conferences, events etc.

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But on the other hand they seem to be very industrial and market-oriented. To me, the Millenáris Park is rather a successful business than a local community program. Its rather good because they are not one of those cultural centers that are begging money from the government yet I wouldn't call them community based. They are expensive, aristocratic and they provide the new digital features from a superior position instead of recognizing the local community as users of this new digital age and as potential source.

Budapest - Millenáris Park, originally uploaded by Dora Klein 4.

The location is very good. The park is a bit like the Central Park in New York. Not by looking but by function. There are several offices around and you can see a lot of office workers sitting there during the day, having their lunch, or in the afternoon students hanging around. And this atmosphere makes the place attractive.

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How to get there:

Address:H-1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16-20.
Phone: +3613364000

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