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About the founder

Gábor Kovács spent his childhood in Kakasszék, then after finishing grammar school in Orosháza he studied in the Moscow State Institute for International Relations. His first workplace was in the Department of Currency Management in the Hungarian State Bank, but he soon continued his work at a Budapest subsidiary of Citibank as a Managing Director and then became the deputy chairman of the London Citibank. He currently holds the position of Chief Executive at Bankár Holding, he is the founder, owner, trustee and board member of numerous large companies.
His successes in the business world have granted him the possibility to collect works of art which largely contributed to his emotional growth. His love of harmony and beauty gave birth to the thought that he should create something of exemplary value: in 2003 he founded the Kovács Gábor Art Foundation.
Gábor Kovács inherited his susceptibility towards beauty from his mother. His childhood period lingers on, his love for people and nature, a sense of space and the sensual world of the horizon have remained with him. The intellectual goals and eternal spiritual values hidden in exterior beauty have directed his conscience towards ’the person’. The importance of a healthy body and mind inspired the founding of the Telki Hospital. He created a health centre, which within the world of medicine aims to provide the best and the most - including professional attendance and nursing. With accentuating the harmony of the interior design he aimed at creating a balance and with that the creation of a more humane health care system.

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The basic aim of our Art Foundation is to acquaint the audience interested in fine arts with Hungarian contemporary art. Bringing the arts and the audience closer to one another, the shaping the perception of art in people’s mind, that this should form part of one’s everyday existence is what drives us. KOGART’s goal is to form a connection between the participants of culture and economy, contemporary arts and of the business world and to create a stratum of patrons emerged from private individuals and institutions.

As they say: ”The goal sanctifies the means”. They serve the cause of transmitting cultural values: the Event House, the Restaurant and the Friends of KOGART. Just like in the field of fine arts, we would like to be that rare source of joy which our guests can appreciate in the spheres of event-organising and gastronomy, and within our circle of friends give space to those who uphold the same spiritual values as we do. (source)


112. Andrássy út, Budapest 1062, Hungary


• On foot: 5 minutes from Hősök tere (Heroes Square), 15 minutes from Oktogon
• By the Millenium underground (yellow line): get off at ’Bajza utca’ station and walk towards Hősök tere (Heroes Square) on the left side of the avenue until the corner of Andrássy út - Munkácsy utca
• By car: you may come from the direction of Podmaniczky utca – Munkácsy utca or from Hősök tere (Heroes Square) on the service road of the Andrássy út. (Unless you find a place for your car on the service road, parking in the neighbouring streets costs 120 HUF/hour during the weekdays)

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