Dunalog - Public Art Event on the ChainBridge

Dunalog - Public Art event Sept 15 2007

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The DUNALOG International Urban Dialog was a conference held in Budapest with the following mission:

"The aim of the programme series is to strengthen the strategic positions of the functional forming of the Danube region with the renewing/developing of the urban region's and region partners as well as the mutually beneficial support of the functional specialising process of towns along the Danube. Budapest wishes to be the effective promoter of such a network."

I do not really like these kind of intellectual conferences. The reason I report about it is because as a conference they organized a public art event, too. Maybe they also recognised that only intellectual things never raise enough attention. Unfortunatelly I couldnt attend personally because I am ill on this weekend, having a flue with fever :(, but I can report about the event with the photos of the organizer Maider López and MTI.
I've downloaded the photos from the www.index.hu portal.

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