Critical Mass 2007

Critical Mass 2007 September 22

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Again Criticalmass in Budapest

2007. September 22.
starting point: XI. district Pázmány Péter sétány
At: 4 pm (16:00)
Budai alsó rakpart - Attila út - Alagút - Lánchíd - Akadémia utca - Kossuth tér - Alkotmány utca - Nagymező utca - Király utca - Bajza utca - Damjanich utca - Városliget nagy rét.


The first Critical Mass ride in Budapest was organised on Car Free Day, September 22, 2004, though it was preceded by at least 50 similar bicycle events initiated either by organisations, groups of bicycle couriers, or other pockets of non-affiliated individuals. The September 2004 ride, however, was significant in that it combined almost every previous organiser into one mass of cycle enthusiasts and concerned citizens. That event drew a surprising 4000 participants. By Earth Day 2005, the number of Critical Mass participants reached 10,000, and doubled again for the September 2005 event, reaching 20,000. On Earth Day 2006 an international record of 32,000 participants was reached.
Critical Mass 2007 April (Zsolt's report)
In April I took some photos and I captured one video on the Critical Mass. I find this movement really great for more reason's. I totally agree with their goals...making Budapest more liveable city with more bycicle and less cars. It seems they are not alone with this will since in April almost 50.000 people participated in the event including the László Sólyom the President of Hungary, and Gábor Demszky the Mayor of Budapest...and me:)

The other reason I like theis initiative is the way they organize themselves. Its not a company, its even not an NGO. Its a real living network of enthusiastic volunteers and the effectiveness of their effords is visible on their succes.
One of the core element of their activities is their website which is mostly in Hungarian (pls guys update the English version) but a real cool portal for those who are interested.

Some photos from the event in April (and I promise I will report on the September CM, too):

Critical Mass 2007

Critical Mass 2007

Critical Mass 2007

Further info on Critical Mass

Gábor Bihari
Volunteer Organiser
+36 30 516-8731

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