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City mission

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This week at several points of the city I have seen this logo. An action of the Catholic church targeting the inhabitants of large cities in Europe including Budapest.

As they write on their website about their mission:

"Joining the group of Christians living in the major cities of Europe we consider the task of deepening our unity with Christ more and more urgent. We see our faith as a treasure that deserves to be shared with the seekers, those estranged from the Church and non-believers.

In our Catholic parishes, institutes and communities priests and laypeople, religious people and bishops seek and walk the path of faith in union. It is a common experience that Christian hope alone provides a solution for the problems stressing us and the people around us.
With confidence and respect we address the inhabitants of this metropolis, those working or studying here, those seeking to be healed and the visitors, inviting them to a more beautiful, purer and more truthful life through the person of Jesus Christ.
With our message calling for conversion we would like to reach the communities of believers, the people who are loosely connected to our parishes and those estranged from the Church.
Our mission is in the service of Life, which is the fulfilment of future and hope, embodied in the person of Jesus Christ. As communities of prayer and devoted love we invite you to an evangelical life, a life committed to building a more just and brotherly Hungary including the capital. We consider it important to emphasize to the inhabitants of 21st century Budapest the absolute proclamation of Jesus Christ: „The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is close at hand. Repent, and believe the gospel.” (Mar 1,15)" (source)


Walking on the street I could see this action all over Budapest during the last week, sometimes I even stopped at some concerts for a few minutes. To me the most interesting in this event is that the traditionally conservative Catholic church uses moderns marketing tools in this campaigne.

For example this is one of the "official logo" of the mission:

They name all the days of the event. Like day of HOPE, day of JOY, day of MARTYRDOM.
Are we experiencing a new age in the Catholic Church? A new language?

(photo by Miklós Csepely-Knorr)

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