Budapest Hash House Harriers

Budapest Hash House Harriers

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"A drinking club with a running problem"

The Hash House Harriers (abbreviated to HHH or H3) is an international group of social, non-competitive running and drinking clubs. Hashing has frequently been described as 'a drinking club with a running problem', and the social element of hashing is of equal importance to the running.

The organization of the Hash House Harriers is completely decentralized, with chapters (also commonly called kennels) having absolutely no formal regional or national offices or leadership structure. There are more than 1700 kennels with at least one Hash in virtually every major city in the world. Most hashes gather on a weekly, monthly or other regularly scheduled basis, with some occurring only sporadically, i.e. on Leap Year days, or Friday the 13th, when that occurs.

Several regional directories or international directories have been published with Hash Contact information, although the Internet has become the primary source of hashing information.

The template for a hash run is for one or more hashers (the "hares") to lay out a running trail, which may include false trails, short cuts and trail breaks. These features are designed to keep the pack together regardless of fitness levels or running speed. The pack or 'hounds' follow the trail from check to check. From a check the pack will normally check out the surrounding terrain to attempt to find the continuation of the trail. A well-laid check will have the effect of allowing slower runners to catch up and rejoin the main pack, while the faster runners try to find the trail again. (wikipedia)

from the website of the Budapest Hash House Harriers:

Join us if...'re an experienced expatriate (or used to wasting time far from home) and are already familiar with HASHING. Like a bad rash, you keep coming back.

... you're just another dumb foreigner (or a naïve native) staying in Budapest and you have absolutely no clue what the hell HASHING is? stumbled across this site by accident and but are still somewhat intrigued or titillated.

…you enjoy getting out into nature one day a week so you can feel like you are really not just a slug

…like running…like drinking

Well, then you’ve got at least one good reason to come and experience the benefits of hashing. Bring along some cash, your favorite beer-mug (if any), and sneakers, to join us for the next weekly fun-run (or fun-walk, if you prefer walky-talking to running) of the Budapest Hash House Harriers, “the local drinking club with a running problem”.

Bring along family, friends and/or foes as well. There is no age limit either so don’t feel the need to leave the “Horrors” home alone. The more the merrier we are! (Please note that there is fair amount of banter, chicanery, and good natured ribbing involved in hashing, so make sure you bring a sense of humor; though some get along fine without)

We meet every Sunday along the upper river wall at Batthyany Ter, which is directly across the Duna from the Parliament at 11:30

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