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ARC exhibition 2008 Aug 28 - Sept 16: HAPPINESS

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is a creative project in Hungary. Their goal is to attract the average person's attention to today's Hungarian "visual-culture" and to encourage participating in the creative "recycling" of the public space.  For 2008, it is from 08.28 ~ 09.16, above are two of the  featured posters about this year theme: Happiness.

Photos by elekesmagdi

I like this one in particular. Although most of the posters are in hungarian, this is an interesting one (in my opinion). I am able to appreciate it a little more after I went for my first Hungarian course at Babilon Nyelv Iskola.

It is from the format of the bus services template, the title is 'A Good Life' :)

''A Jó Élet'' = it means  the journey of 'A good life' ;)

It read, 

3 years: I'm afraid of anything under the quilt;
6 years: Dad, pull the sledge quicker
9 years: Cool! Tomorrow's Maths has been cancelled!
13 years: And then we held hands
18 years: There were 12 fans at our concert
31 years: Housewarming party's over and the neighbours didn't even knock on the ceiling
35 years: Everybody says he looks like me
43 years: Guess what? The client has chosen my plans again!
54 years: It's sweet you've heated up the dinner for me
65 years: She always calls me granddad
72 years: I'll just listen to the waves for a while
78 years: End stop.

The following is a review by Zsolt for the arc exhibition 2007:

Budapest, 56-osok tere
2007. August 31 - September 18.

Every year they announce competitions in different topics. For 2007 you could take part with your works in the following topics. Among the topics you can see the finally exhibited works. I find it a great and really creative event every year.

- Living and Surviving in Hungary
What is the world we are living in like? How do you get on in it? How do you survive and what kind of survival tips would you recommend the others? Why not show these strategies with those around you?! Put your own personal experiences, ideas and suggestions on a billboard!

Budapest in 45 Celsius

ARC, originally uploaded by zsoolt.

- Has the ice broken?
Environmentalists have been talking about “climate change”, a nice neutral word for environmental destruction, and its definite origins in human activity, for a long while, but in the media and in common discussion it seems that it has just now stepped over the stimulus threshold. This year: “Winter has been canceled because of technical reasons”

ARC - Global Warming, originally uploaded by zsoolt.

- How much can Hungarians tolerate?
Can anybody say what is needed to make food quality and certification more transparent to the mainstream viewpoint?
What is needed for the authorities to take action effectively?
What is needed for people to fight for their consumer rights?

- Bár minálunk babám…. “As for our place, honey…” (Hungarian folksong)
Although there is no longer any debate that second-hand smoke is unhealthy for non-smokers, so far no effective policy changes have been made. While smokers act as if smoking was a right of freedom, they forget the fact that any freedom must by nature not impinge on the freedom of anyone else.

- Equal Opportunities For Everyone
The European Parliament and Committee has deemed 2007 as the European Year of Equal Opportunities. The aim of the project is to draw attention to equal opportunities and the need for fighting against unfair discrimination. Create a billboard showing real or fictitious positive examples against the bad practice, keeping in mind 6 bases for discrimination: gender, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, and sexual orientation.

If you take my parkplace...pls take my disability, too.

ARC, originally uploaded by zsoolt.

- ARC+ Nike 26° photo competition
Take a photo of something that captures the idea of a 26° angle. Do it in the city or in nature, or compose yourself in 26° and send the photos of your composition! What and why is 26°?

photo from:

NIKE was one of the sponsors and they didnt let this work to be exhibited....

- MTV Hungary Wanted: First Logo
Good news: this year the Hungarian edition of MTV will start. More good news: you have the chance to design the one and only, unrepeatable, remarkable first logo that will be on all MTV off-air ads, website, channel-identifiers, vinyl banners, etc. The best ideas selected by the jury will be displayed at the ARC billboard competition.

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