Sziget Festival

Sziget 2007 Day THREE

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HEV to Sziget Fesztival
We didn't use the car to the Sziget today. We took the public trams followed by the HEV. It was crowded, so standing and looking around, most of the commuters were with the wristband heading to the Sziget also :) So it was visible when the whole big group of people alight at the same stop.

Packed HEV on Friday
Saw this photo after uploading them, see that guy with an 'astonished' look, quite funny! :) But basically it was this packed, not too squeezy but quite a number of passengers were standing.

Green ballon tied on his twisted Afro hair *purposedly
At first I was behind, then following this guy with the green balloon over his head. It was funny and i wanted to capture this shot to share because he tied it to his 'afro twisted' hair :) And moments later, not too far from behind I heard this 'toot toot' noise made by this vehicle that transported the ''Toshiba ladies''. These were the two young ladies we saw on DAY ONE some distance near the Main Stage, they were bra-less with just a painted body.
Toshiba ladies - body painting

Seemed happy!

Funny looking bin

''As if the prospect of a week at the Sziget Festival wasn`t messy enough, Hungarian chocolate-maker Tibi is planning an extremely brown and sticky promotion at this summer`s impending orgy of music and mud. One of the four Tibi stands around the island will feature a giant tub of chocolate into which revellers will be invited to plunge before engaging in some sweet and sexy wrestling. The last fighter left standing will be showered with Tibi gifts, as well as, hopefully, actually getting showered. While we would like to imagine the Tibi tub will attract Sziget`s chocolate-loving nymphos (like the ones pictured), the chocolate wresting area is likely to be rather more popular with blind drunk Tibi`s with no more cash to spend on real food. The nightly wet-T-shirt contest on the other hand...''
Source: - Monday, August 07, 2006

The noticeable difference was, it was really cool weather today at about 25 deg C or less. Then it started to drizzle and then rained for a short while. We saw something very interesting 'blessing in disguise' becos the stage didn't seemed to show the contemporary dance by the French lady and the Japanese guy. All we saw were people heading towards the back of the slope which was very well-lit. Behind the steep hilly slope was the acrobatic performance by a French group!
French Acrobatic Performance
It was an uniquely and tastefully choreographed acrobatic performance, not like a circus thingy I guessed it could be becos the 'live' music/band that goes with it was very well paced that kept the entire performance so marvellous!:)

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