Sziget Festival

Sziget Fesztival 2007 !

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This was my first time at the SZiGET! It was a great event, fun-filled for adults in live concerts with lots of other people from all over the world.


All the Stages!

This event draws lots of wonderful performing professionals all over the world, usually they will perform for ONE hour on the Stage. Above are the list of stages on the entire island. One of which we saw on Day ONE was Gocoo from Japan. They drew lots of crowds and it was impossible to even move nearer to the stage where this wonderful percussion group was performing! GOCOO are seven female and four male drummers who captured their audience with original grooves woven with Japanese drums, Taikos. On stage the 11 musicians from Tokyo created with almost 40 drums a music-spectacle beyond imagination. Music-wise GOCOO are one of the most sophisticated percussion groups of the present. Professional concert equipment!

The cosmic beats and uniquely sophisticated poly-rhythms are of such primal nature that they reflect all known music styles and consequently unite people of all ages, ethnic and social origins and of any taste in music.

I saw it with my own eyes how GOCOO takes all audiences on a mesmerizing trip between trance and ecstasy! They are really GREAT!
A small detail I noticed was, the 'dissatisfaction' about terrorism and majority felt it begins with 'that' single person. And coincidentally performing in the night was Manu Chao who is known to be openly critical of the Bush administration in the US. I just felt that maybe the blame shouldn't be on the entire nation, afterall, one person's view doesn't represent everyone else in that nation.

p.s. By the way, Singapore's flag is not there :) well, we are too small a nation maybe. And ohh, it is our National Day on 9th August, Happy 42nd Birthday SINGAPORE!


Sziget ''Taxi''
There were funny sights here also. Other than unusual booths for couples to 'get married' where couples who met on at the Sziget can get married just for FUN where someone is 'officiating your marriage'!
Sziget booth for 'getting married' just for fun!

Day Zero campers

On the Sziget, it's about dance, drinks, food, dance again, dance, live music, dance again and yes again! Everyone sits anywhere they find a comfortable spot with their companions and party mates at the Sziget. This was the spirit. It's very dusty and you can see everybody (white ladies with fair legs also) will have feet and toes that are dusty like these ones :-

Dusty toes!

On the Main Stage

Sziget sunset

The body painted girls (Toshiba ads on bra-less girls)

TWO shy guys and ONE bold guy reaction to the bra-less ladies:

Standing on Benches!
Manu Chao performing on the Main Stage and so many people were there!!! until the side benches where the food stalls were occupied with lots of crowd dancing on the table inclusive!! I was 'pressured' to stand on the bench like this lady or else I can't even breathe :) too many tall men and women, I was too short :) Manu Chao - Main Stage

This is not me, but the lady beside me :)
This is not me, but a lady beside me :) But of course, I was 'posing' the same way to capture these photos, 'sinking deep' into the entire SZiGET atmosphere!

Manu Chao

Sziget -NITE

TWO black outs during the performance of Manu Chao!


DAY TWO: Rainy.

the good, the bad, the queen

You may wish to watch this compilation video of the chocolate wrestling, concerts, games for the younger ones, or simply just to have a feel of the atmosphere :) I feel this is a great video to share.

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