Information on SZIGET

Information on SZIGET Festival

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How to ENTER

(the following informations are from the English edition of Pesti Est Sziget volume)

Without-Camping Weekly Tickets are valid from 02.00 a.m. August 8. until 12.00 a.m. August 15. Sziget-dwellers with Camping Weekly Tickets can enter the festival on day "0" but they must leave the area of Sziget until 12:00 a.m. August 15.

You can enter Sziget with Daily Tickets between 02.00 a.m. and midnight and you are entitled to stay until 8.00 a.m. the next day. Your Weekly Tickets will be replaced for wristbands at the entrance of the festival. You must wear your (weekly or daily) wristband on your wrist during its validity. Free admittance for children under 10, Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

augusztus 8, 2007 SZiGET, originally uploaded by zannnielim.
my entrance wristband (ticket) to the Sziget!
Its better to approach the festival by using public transport vehicles, boat service and taxi.

Bank at SZIGET

K&H Bank awaits customers in its Sziget outlets between 10.00 and 18.00, but you can also finds ATMs for non-stop cash withdrawal at ten different locations on Sziget. In the K&H Bank outlets we are at the disposal of our customers with the following services: currency exchange, opening bank accounts and providing advice on financial products.

Paying by Bank Card
Look for places bearing the:
You can pay for your tickets by Mastercard or Mastercard Electronic at each cash desk, for which you receive a present at MasterCard Planet!

Healthcare services

In case you have any kind of problem, skilled nurses and doctors will look after you at the HEALTHCARE BASE located at the left side of the Main Stage. Should you need any medicine, the pharmacy in Sziget is at your disposal. If you think we are too far, you can find us in the Boat House and in the northern amulance in the German camping. 21 skilled paramedics (white T-shirt with the HELP Foundation logo at the front and ELSŐSEGÉLY at the back) walk non stop around Sziget so don't hesitate to contact them instead of calling the ambulance. You can also turn to the security staff. If the only thing that retains you from playing water football or plunging into the adventure castles of Extreme Park is your fear of being injured, don't be afraid and don't hesitate because we are everywhere looking after you! Besides curing physical unjuries, we deal with your mental problems too at the Soul Ambulance and you can also visit our Prevention Tent with your questions on drug.

Public transport to Sziget

Take HÉV (green suburban train) from Batthyiány tér to Filatorigát then join the crowd!


Since there are practically no car parks around the festival area, we ask everyone to use only public transport. The organizers try to keep the prices of the boat, bus and taxi service low to make everybody leave their car at home! Cars left in a no parking area will be removed by the police! We take no responsibility for values left in the car!

Bycicle storage

You can ride on a bike path along the Buda embankment as far as the Sziget entrance and we will take care of your bike free of charge until you leave. At the bike storage operating free of charge in Sziget area (at a new location, on the tennis court at Caravan Camping with a larger capacity than before) we also offer minor repairs and maintenance service to your bike.

Boat service: Sziget-Radio 1
Boats run from day 0, that is from August 7 every day between 14.00 and 01.00 between Sziget and Jászai tér on the Pest side (pier. no. 8 north of Margit bridge) and between Batthyány tér and Sziget. Fare: 400 Ft

Bus link

Every day between 22.00 and 5.30 from day 0 (August 7). Fare: 300 Ft Stops at the following:

  • Sziget
  • the Buda end of Árpád bridge
  • the Buda end of Margit bridge
  • the Pest end of Margit bridge
  • Western Railway station
  • Oktogon
  • Madách Square
  • Móricz Zsigmond square

Moderate tranfer fares as it is customary of Sziget services. Look for the dispatcher-service in the parking lot. If you have any remarks or suggestions concerning the service, you can either talk to the dispatcher on spot or dial the central number: +36 1 211-1111, non-stop.

Zsolt's remark: yesterday I saw that there are parking a lot of private taxis (sharks) near to the Sziget, too. Avoid them! Search for the logo above!

Services for impaired visitors

Toilets and showers accessible by physically impaired visitors can be found at several places in Sziget, marked on the map. There is a tribune exclusively for physically impaired visitors in front of the main stage. Visually impaired visitors can request an escort service free of charge. Register at +36 20 926 5179, one day prior to the employment of the service!
For our physically impaired visitors with valid daily or weekly tickets we operate a special shuttlebus free of charge with trained personal helpers of Veled-Érted Egyesület. The bus runs between 13.00 and 24.00 leaving from Batthyány tér every two hours. It stops at Flórián tér as well where those arriving by car can park free of charge. The earliest bus leaves Sziget at 14.00 whilte the lates shuttlebus is at 24.00. You can receive information on the shuttlebus at: +36 20 988 9937.
At Sziget two wheel chairs are available for those who need it. Prior registration is at the following number: +36 1 240 7968

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