Sziget Festival

Sziget Festival

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The Sziget Festival (pronounced see'-get [see' has the quality (not length) of the vowel in the word seat]) is one of Europe's largest music and cultural festivals (400,000 visitors), held annually in August in Budapest. The festival takes place on Óbudai-sziget ("Old-Buda Island"), an island in the Danube. Currently it boasts more than 1000 performances each year. (wikipedia)

Rock and Roll, originally uploaded by Greg76.

Sziget is really fun. I have been there almost every year at least for one day or two. Its really an event with very different programs. Not only concerts, but theatre, dance shows, intellectual presentations, fashion shows, performances, representations of organizations, cultural events, circus, gamble actually everything you can imagine. But spite of the diversity of programmes, Sziget is mostly a dusty rock-festival with 1000 of concerts, loud noise, lots of people, drink, sex and rock and roll.:)

Official 2012 Aftermovie:

Some photos from the previous years:

Sziget2006: Tents in IR, originally uploaded by Aldo.

people of sziget (part3), originally uploaded by morning lord.

Visuals, originally uploaded by nacaseven.

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