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What a roadtrip - By H

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H was here by car with her Dad. We found in her blog, where she wrote about us :) Honestly, it was really fun to meet people from all parts of the world like this. Here are some quotes from her post and link that follows if you would like to read more about her personal experience here in

''We visited Heros Square where there used to be communist rallies and now there are outdoor concerts (Sting played there for instance)! We saw Budapest’s largest church, named after St. Stephen I, ... theres a sacred relic, St. Stephen’s own mummified right hand, a 966-year old shriveled fist ... St Stephen was the first of the line of Hungarian saints and kings. He made an end of the pagan belief and traditions and established the Christian faith after defeating the pagan chief Koppany... why you need to bring that hand thingy out every Aug crowds of people to see, is beyond me! lol but whatever floats your boat!

The next night we had a lovely traditional Hungarian dinner with Zsolt and Zannnie(thank you Z & Z for your hospitality!), and went to the Citadel for some night viewing of the skyline and their version of the Statue of Liberty.''
- H
from H's
Taking European possession of a car in June and a road trip with my dad through western Europe for 2 weeks thereafter. This will be my blog-record of the entire thing... From pre to post trip!

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