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Walking along the river Danube in Budapest especially during the evening you will see a lot of ships and boats being on sightseeing. The Budapest lights are beautiful during the evening having all the bridges and the surrounding buildings lighted.


MAHART INFORMATION: (36-1) 484-4013

Vigadó square Landing Stage (Yellow building)
Tel.: (36-1) 318-1223

MAHART Passnave Passenger Shipping Ltd is the biggest and oldest shipping company in Hungary. Water passenger transport in Hungary has traditionally been focused primarily on the Danube, an international waterway, the Lake Balaton and the River Tisza during its more than 100 years of history.


The ports of Budapest are located at:

International : V. Belgrád rakpart (between the Erzsébet Bridge and the Szabadság Bridge)
Inland : V. Vígadó tér (between the Chain Bridge and the Erzsébet Bridge)

Budapest sunset

Some offers from the MAHART:

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