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Budapest hostels

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There are several hostels available in Budapest. We offer hostels for those who want not only an accomodation but like to meet new people, to have new friends. I guess a hostel is a perfect choice for it.

When I was 19 with one of my friend we were brave enough to drive from Budapest to Krakow (Poland) with an old Lada 1200's. We didnt have any pre-arranged accomodation and with some help finaly we found a hostel. It was very cheap, we rented a room for 8 persons accepting the rule that they can rent out the rest 6 beds any time. First a couple from Holland joined us then some days later a physician from Canada who had a special lifestyle. 3 months working and 9 months travelling all around the world.

I wouldnt say that sharing your room with others is the most comfortable but when I was 19 it was really a fun and I really met very interesting people.

Hostels in Budapest (some examples)

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