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You may find many logos, links and referrers but there are no companies, hotels, travel agencies or airways companies behind us. We use them in this guide because they exist and we write about them based on our personal experience, and based on what we knew.

The site is not based on an objective evaluation, research or something like that. This is a very subjective, personal web page from a native Hungarian and from an expat living in Budapest. It is an online guide to help you.

The site was motivated by the lots of help we have got during our trips all over the world from local people. Now its our turn to pay it forward! If you have any questions feel free to contact us at !

For City Photobloggers in the Daily Photo Community (DP members): If you are planning a Budapest trip, to contact us is not an option but it is a must! :)

The site will be uploaded regularly with new content. This is a Beta version, so if you have any suggestions, questions please do not hesitate to send us a comment!

Coming soon:

  • Short trips to neighbouring cities from Budapest
  • Museums, exhibitions, performances
  • Festivals
  • Programmes

About photos, videos and other materials on the site:

For photos, we mostly use Flickr and if the photograph is not taken by us, you can see the referral to the owner has a hyperlink every time. We use the "blog this" function on Flickr which is visible above the photos only if the owner has allowed this function. However if you made your settings on Flickr as allowing blogging function but you do not want to see your photo blogged here just send us an e-mail at the and we will replace your picture with another one.

We follow the same policy with videos. For videos, we use Youtube's embed function which is disabled if the owner of the videos doesn't want it to be embedded. In case you find your video being embedded in this site and you mind it, pls send an e-mail at the and we will replace your video with another one.

In some cases we use public photos we have found on the website of the referred place, service etc. (for example pictures of buildings, hotel rooms, tickets, etc.). As such, you will find a link to the original website somewhere around the photo.

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