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Budapest Airport

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Ferihegy International Airport (Ferihegyi Nemzetközi Repülõtér) is Budapest's airport. The name refers to Ferenc Mayerffy who used to rent this land 150 years ago.
It is located to the southeast 16 km away from the capital. Lots of international flights leave its three terminals (1, 2A, 2B) daily, headed mainly to the cities of Europe, but also to destinations in Asia, North America and the Middle East.

The terminals

Ferihegy 1

If you are a backpacker or just prefer not to spend too much money on airplane ticket, most likely you will arrive to Budapest with one of the cheap flights to the terminal Ferihegy 1.

Discount airlines flying to Budapest:
Aer Lingus
  • Dublin (Ireland)

Air Berlin GmbH & Co. Luftverkehrs KG
  • Basel
  • Berlin
  • Cologne
  • Dortmund
  • Dresden
  • Dusseldorf
  • Erfurt
  • Frankfurt
  • Hamburg
  • Hanover
  • Leipzig
  • London

EasyJet from
  • Berlin (Germany)
  • Dortmund (Germany)
  • Genf (Switzerland)
  • London (UK)

Fly Snowflake

Germanwings from

  • Cologne Bonn (Germany)
  • Stuttgart (Germany)


Norwegian Air from

  • Bergen (Norway)
  • Bodo (Norway)
  • Oslo (Norway)
  • Stavanger (Norway)
  • Tromso (Norway)
  • Trondheim (Norway)

SkyEurope from

  • Rimini (San Marino)
  • Brussels (Belgium)
  • Catania (Spain)
  • Thessaloniki (Greece)
  • Malaga (Spain)
  • Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
  • Barcelona (Spain)
  • Milan (Italy)
  • Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Rome (Italy)
  • Naples (Italy)
  • Venice (Italy)
  • Paris (France)
  • Split (Croatia)
  • Várna (Bulgaria)
  • Nice (France)
  • Athens (Greece)
  • Burgas (Bulgaria)
  • Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Sterling from
  • Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Stockholm (Sweden)

Wizzair from

  • Barcelona (Spain)
  • Brussels (Belgium)
  • Bucharest (Romania)
  • Burgas (Bulgaria)
  • Eindhoven (Germany)
  • Transylvania (Marosvásárhely)
  • Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Göteborg (Sweden)
  • Korfu (Greece)
  • Kreta (Greece)
  • London (UK)
  • Malmö (Sweden)
  • Milan (Italy)
  • Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
  • Paris (France)
  • Rodos (Greece)
  • Rome (Italy)
  • Split (Croatia)
  • Stockholm (Sweden)

Ferihegy 2A

This terminal is mostly used by the Hungarian Airlines. The main destinations:


Bangkok (Thailand)
Beijing (China)
Boston (USA)
Cairo (Egypt)
Chicago (USA)
Cleveland (USA)
Dallas (USA)
Damascus (Syria)
Denver (USA)
Detroit (USA)
Guangzhou (China)
Houston (USA)
Los Angeles (USA)
Miami (USA)
New York (USA)
Orlando (USA)
Philadelphia (USA)
Phoenix (USA)
San Francisco (USA)
Seattle (USA)
Shanghai (China)
Sydney (Australia)
Tampa (USA)
Tel Aviv (Israel)
Toronto (Canada)
Washington (USA)

Europe (among others)

Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
Athens (Greece)
Barcelona (Spain)
Berlin (Germany)
Brussels (Belgium)
Bucharest (Romania)
Chisinau (Moldavia)
Copenhagen (Denmark)
Dublin (Ireland)
Edinburgh (UK)
Frankfurt (Germany)
Geneva (Switzerland)
Helsinki (Finnland)
Istanbul (Turkey)
Kiev (Ukraine)
Larnaca (Cyprus)
Ljubljana (Slovenia)
London (UK)
Madrid (Spain)
Moscow (Russia)
Munich (Germany)
Paris (France)
Prague (Czech Republic)
Rome (Italy)
Saint Petersburg (Russia)
Skopje (Macedonia)
Stockholm (Sweden)
Tirana (Albania)
Warsaw (Poland)
Zagreb (Croatia)
Zurich (Switzerland)

Ferihegy 2B

This terminal is mostly used by traditional (non-discount) airways companies:

Air Europa
Air Canada
Air France
Air Kazahstan
Air Malta
Air New Zealand
American Airlines
Austrian Airlines
British Airways
Chanel express
CSA - Czech Airlines
Cyprus Airways
Delta Airlines
El Al
Montenegro Airlines
Northwest Airlines
Norwegian Air Shuttle
Pulkovo Airlines
SN Brussels Airlines
South African Airlines
Swiss International Airlines
TAP Air Portugal
Thai Airways
Turkish Airlines
United Airlines

Traffic figures


Ferihegy ends the year 2006 with a 4.2% increase
Passenger traffic grew again in December
Budapest, 11 January, 2007. – Budapest Airport handled 520,521 passengers in December, an increase of 2,109 passengers or 0.4% on the same month in 2005. In 2006, total passenger traffic reached 8,267 million a 4.2% rise on the year before.
The number of air transport movements was a 5.4% lower than in December 2006, totalling 8,787 movements. In 2006, Ferihegy handled 126,947 air transport movements, a rise of 0.5% on the same period last year.
Budapest Airport CEO, Stewart Wingate said: “Tourism in Hungary has been negatively affected by the autumn disturbances, but we hope that the small increase in passenger traffic in December is a sign that tourism is beginning to improve once more. Despite the effect of the disturbances, Ferihegy ended with more than 330,000 passengers more than in 2005. We will continue to work to maintain this positive trend by attracting more airlines and more passengers to Budapest to make Ferihegy the most successful airport in Central Europe.”
For further information please contact:
Domokos Szollar,Budapest Airport,
t.: 296-5769

New EU passenger security rules at Ferihegy from 6 November 2006

Passengers are now allowed to take only small quantities of liquids on board

Information movies: When packing(8M) At the terminal (29M)

New regulations will be in force for passenger security screening at Budapest Airport, with effect from Monday, 6 November 2006. The new rules are in accordance with the new European Union regulation adopted to protect passengers against the threat of liquid explosives.

The new rules apply at all airports in the EU and in Norway, Iceland and Switzerland and to all passengers departing from airports in the EU, whatever their destination.

The new security rules restrict the amount of liquids, pastes and gels that passengers can take through security checkpoints.

Ban on liquids, pastes and gels
Passengers are only allowed to take small quantities of liquids, pastes and gels in their hand luggage.

• Containers must have a maximum single unit volume of 100 ml
• Containers must be packed in one transparent and re-sealable plastic bag of no more than 1 litre capacity. Passengers need to provide their own plastic bag! Plastic bags can be purchased at Relay shops in the main halls of both terminals.
• Liquids have to be shown at security screening

All liquids above 100 ml will be confiscated!

In hand luggage, passenger can carry medicines and essential dietary products, including baby foods, for use during the trip. However, passengers may need to provide proof of authenticity.

Shopping at the airport
For the majority of passengers, it is shopping as usual after security. Passengers can buy liquids, such as drinks and perfumes, as usual in airport shops. Passengers transferring at almost every airport in the EU can take the purchased item with them in a sealed bag, but in that case they are not allowed to open the bag before screening at the airport of transfer.

However, passengers transferring in some EU airports cannot take liquids through the transfer airport. For more information please ask the staff at the airport shops.

Passengers from outside the EU who transfer through an EU airport will have their liquids, pastes and gels confiscated, even if they were bought in an airside store.

Additional security measurements
Passengers must take off their jacket and coats. Those items will be screened separately.

All laptop computers and other large electrical devices must be removed from hand luggage for separate screening.

Advice to passengers
To save time, and save hassle we advise passengers to pack all liquids in hold luggage.

For smooth security screening please follow the instructions.

We advise our passengers to be co-operative and patient -- your safety and security is our top priority.

List of liquids:
Aerosols, ball deodorants
Chocolate paste
Fromage frais
Gels, hair gels
Liquid lipstick
Liquid mascara
Liquid solid mixtures
Pastes, tooth pastes
Peanut butter
Pressurised containers
Runny cheese
And any other item of similar consistency

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